The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s 2010 Design, Art and Technology (DATA) Award Winners Announced!

The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s 2010 Design, Art and Technology Awards, hosted last Thursday by internationally acclaimed artist Burton Morris, drew a fabulous 250 guests – and featured 40 Regional artists, and over 60 works of art and technology. Converging designers, artists, technologists, roboticists and much more, the event brought together creatives and innovators on the leading edge of the new media sector.

The Pittsburgh Technology Council is thrilled to announce this year’s winners:



2010 DATA Artist of the Year award goes to the individual whose work represents the highest levels of excellence in both creativity and innovation.

Eric Singer’s GuitarBot is a robotic four-string electric slide guitar — in which each string is independently controllable and playable from a computer. Eric singer recently moved to Pittsburgh from New York City and is the founder of LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots). Grammy-award winning guitarist Pat Metheny is currently on tour with two GuitarBots, plus over 40 percussion and mallet instruments created by LEMUR.


This award honors a regional business whose work is at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

Deeplocal, a small team of artists, designers, and technologists created the Nike Chalkbot for the LIVESTRONG campaign for the 2009 Tour de France. Supporters in the U.S. and France texted, emailed, and tweeted inspirational messages that were printed by the Chalkbot on the roads of the Tour. After each message was printed, Chalkbot took a photo of the message, attached GPS coordinates and LIVESTRONG art to it, and sent it back to the original submitter. A true example of the blending of creativity and innovation, the Chalkbot gained world-wide success and could be seen in all kinds of media outlets including: Wired Magazine, Crunchgear, FAST Company, CNN, USA Today, New York Daily News, Time magazine. Check out a video on the Chalkbot after the Awards Ceremony in the PTC Theatre.


The Business of Creativity award was created in partnership with the DATA Corporate supporters, and honors the individual or company whose work demonstrates how art and technology work together to enhance both the creative and economic business of our region.

David Edward’s Power Flower #2 is art and technology that does something useful. It harvests wind energy with a turbine driven by spinning flower petals, while sun energy is collected by solar panel leaf surfaces. Electricity is stored in deep cell batteries within the base. The sculpture can power cell phones, laptops and other devices such as pumps for garden rainwater applications. In the first year, The Power Flowers have be seen by over 10,000 people, been recognized by the United States State Department, received a Sprout Award Seed Grant and have been sponsored by two of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

2010 15 MINUTES AWARD: Jesse Best

This award honors the highest excellence in 2-D visual arts. The PTC will feature the award-winning artist as part of a cover and feature article TEQ Magazine.

Jesse Best is a filmmaker, animator and fine art painter. Splitting his time between exhibiting his artwork and working on movies filmed in Southwestern PA, Jesse’s work has be part of “The Road” starring Viggo Mortensen and  “Unstoppable” starring Denzel Washington which is due out in November.


This award recipient demonstrates excellence in sonic innovation and in the creative employment of technology.

A true renaissance man in terms of the scope of his creative ventures, David has toured nationally, opening for bands like Wilco, Ted Leo and Okkervil River. He also scored two Nintendo Wii games with Corey Layman (Rock of the Dead and Critter Round-Up), released the multi-media project Happener-Magicker with his band Assembly, and installed a one of a kind music installation in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

2010 VIDEO ARTIST OF THE YEAR:  Ben Hernstrom

Presented as a partnership between Pittsburgh Filmmakers and the PTC, this award is presented to an exceptional time-based media artist.

Ben Hernstrom’s Young Creatives is a collection of mini-documentaries created in conjunction with Pop City. Focusing on young, creative people who’ve stayed in Pittsburgh or found success in Pittsburgh, these documentaries are a glimpse into the amazing creativity happening in our region. The films featured artists include Shepard Fairey, ModCloth, Terrance Hayes, Bike PGH and more.


Presented as a partnership between Gateway to the Arts and the Pittsburgh Technology Council, the recipient of this award will become the 2010 Gateway to the Arts Featured Artist. Honoring an exemplary work of intersecting art and technology, this piece of art will become the signature artwork for the TAP INTO ART Art + Technology event on September 30, 2010, and will travel throughout schools in the Pittsburgh region for one year, educating and inspiring children in our region.

Upon moving back to Pittsburgh in 2006 after many years in New York City and California, R. Weis discovered that his 19th-Century house was a concert hall of amazing creaks, squeaks, and slams. These sounds inspired this hour-long composition, which was created by manipulating raw sound material (creaking and slamming doors) using MachFive sampling software and Digital Performer.

THE 15 MINUTES GALLERY 15: Each year the Council selects a group of 15 artists who best represent the intersection of art and technology. We feature these artists in our corporate art space, as well as in other events and exhibitions throughout the region. In addition the main award-winners, we would also like to recognize the following outstanding artists and companies as part of the 15 Minutes Gallery 15:

Sandy Kessler Kaminski   John Hinderliter   Martha Rial   Net Health Systems  Ron Nigro  The Entertainment Technology Center  Kevin Kulesa  Wombat Security Systems  Ian Momyer  Jon Shumway  Riggs Communications  Don Jones  Lori Hepner  The Simulation Hypothesis  Tiberiu Chelcea

Thanks again to all of the artists, partners, sponsors and guests who made this year’s event such a tremendous success!

Check out pictures from the event here!

Check out artwork from the exhibition here!

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  1. [...] Tech Council’s show was neat. Lot’s of cool robotic art. Check out the article about it here. Check out the art here. I got accepted to their 15 minutes gallery, so I get to keep putting up [...]

  2. [...] The PTC’s 2010 DATA Awards, hosted by internationally acclaimed artist Burton Morris, held Thursday, May 6 was a tremendous success. With 250 guests – and featuring 40 Regional artists, and over 60 works of art and technology, member companies like Wombat Security Technologies, deeplocal, Net Health Systems, Evil Genius Designs, Wrecking Crew Media, Bayer MaterialScience, MEDRAD, the ETC, and Dollar Bank participated as partners, sponsors and artists. Converging designers, artists, technologists, roboticists and much more, the event brought together creatives and innovators on the leading edge of this sector. For more information on the DATA Awards, visit the Art + Tech Blog. [...]

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