The Intersection of Creativity + Innovation

The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Art + Technology Initiative was formed in 2008 in an effort to unite and cultivate the creative and technology communities in the Pittsburgh region. By exploring the various intersections of Art and Technology, and creating unprecedented strategic partnerships, the initiative aims to enhance the productivity of both groups, while fostering this nexus to spur regional progression. Founded on the idea that art and technology share the fundamental characteristic of innovation, as well as a synergy at the forefront of cultural innovation, the Initiative and its partners are dedicated to unearthing the possibilities of this leading-edge fusion.

HISTORY of the Art + Technology Initiative

The Design, Art and Technology Awards (DATA) and the 15 Minutes Gallery

The Art + Tech Initiative kicked off with a bang in 2008 with the first-ever Design, Art + Technology Awards at the 15 Minutes Gallery — the initiative’s business/art space. Nearly breaking fire code, and featuring over 75 artists, the awards and gallery became the foundational element of the Initiative. Subsequent DATA events have features special guests and speakers including: internationally-reknown artist, Burton Morris; the Creative Director/Executive Producer of Cirque du Soleil, Lyn Heward; Will Wright, creator of The Sims video game series; and J Moses, founder of WeChi Social Media and former

President of BMG Interactive and MTV Russia.

The Pittsburgh Entertainment Technology Project
From 2010-2012, due to a flourishing Hollywood presence in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Technology Council partnered with Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, the Pittsburgh Film Office, Idea Foundry to connect Pittsburgh tech with Hollywood entertainment.

The Creative Technology Network (CTN)

In 2012, the PTC launched the first-ever Creative Technology Network — consisting of a dedicated program of events, educational workshops, visibility initiatives and business development/investment opportunities for folks working at the intersection of creativity and technology. The CTN serves hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

Ongoing Events and Programs

The annual Design, Art and Technology Awards (DATA) and Interactive Exhibition
Each spring, the PTC hosts the signature Art + Tech event of the region, honoring the most innovative/creative projects of the year.

Creative Clash Series

Join us for Networking Nights with the Creative Technology Network and some of the region’s leading art and technology community organizations. Partners include The Carnegie Museum of Art, Seo Services , ASSEMBLE and more!

Innovator Series

Innovation is the key to all progress. This series hosts national heavy-hitters, including Dank Pink and Roger Martin, at our annual Innovator Keynote, and also monthly workshops on Innovation in the work and marketplace.

Get Interactive!

Want to learn more about what it means to be ‘interactive’ today? Come to our monthly workshops and training courses designed to get you engaged in the newest trends in tech.

iCON-Edu: Conversations on Creativity, Education and Technology

This event series hosts national leaders in innovation for the next generation. With over 8 events each year, the education and business communities come together to discuss the future of learning and the workforce.

The Buzz on the Creative Technology Network:

The Launch of the Creative Technology Network

Art, Business and Technology Collide at Pittsburgh’s Creative Clash!

Pittsburgh’s Creative Clash

Titans of Art and Tech Come Together to Discuss our Region’s Creative Future.

The Relationship Between Art & Creativity & Technology & Innovation

1. Art and Creativity 
In our society artists and business, managers do not get along. Both involve having a guiding mission, a potent point of view, formulating ideas and finding their way throughout problems, and finally producing a new creation. Business people and managers engaging in consulting should study art to help communicate more eloquently and assists businesses to be more innovative. Since companies are searching the world for new ideas, they surely have something to learn from the creative industries. Arts emerge as a role model for business people, managers, and government organizations because art does well where managers and business people struggle a lot. Examples are in problems, diversity, ambiguity, foreseeing the future and the ability to dare to break molds.

Creativity, on the other hand, is a process that can be developed and managed. Innovative ideas come as a function of the mind and behaviors’ that anyone can put into practice.It starts with a foundation of knowledge learning a discipline and mastering it when the brain is thinking. Creativity is learned through experiments, questioning assumptions, explorations, imaginations and the internalizing information.

Benefits of creativity and art
i. It can be used in business consultants and managers to do inquiries into business issues for better understanding.
ii. Assists in finding shared values quickly without bringing about debate
iii. Business consultants and managers can use art and creativity as a way of product development and good services.
iv. It brings about creativity and innovation skill therefore developing an artful leader.
v. Helps appreciate diversity in terms of points of view
vi. Through envisioning business consultants and managers reduce time cost of meetings because they have their business strategy from top to down hence easy execution.
vii. Creativity and art fosters innovation.
2. Technology and Innovation
New technologies and innovations are important in terms of competitiveness and growth of a business that’s why business consultants and managers understand this. Managers and business people should choose innovations and technologies that are most clearly associated with improved competitiveness and growth.
The performance implications of new technologies, , are mediated by innovative activities that result from the adoption of these technologies for example information and communication technologies. A new technology can be an initiator of new product or service innovation. Organizations use technology and new product development to manage change effectively.
Benefits of Technology and Innovation
i. Innovation is a key to sustaining long-run growth of a business. Therefore business people and managers need to gain competitive advantage in terms of creation of new products and solutions and services that are better for consumers.
ii. Unaddressed user needs are explored and tapped efficiently.
iii. Businesses that that engage in innovations tend to survive and increase in terms of growth.
iv. Innovation and technology help identify firms and the firm’s specific mechanisms.
v. It fosters the creation of new products and improvement of manufacturing processes.
vi. Innovations help shape corporate businesses to take on various strategic options. For example to reduce total cost of production, increase income avenues by maintaining efficient operating systems.

Tips on enhancing Art, Creativity, Technology and Innovation
Improving collaboration and teamwork, in terms of value creation and meaningful work.
Engaging in capacity-building in art and creativity and innovation
Using design, as a strategy for innovation.

Art, creativity, technology, and innovation are integrated and contribute to each other for better performance of an organization or business.

The Future of Technology In Business

This form of technology is developing rapidly and providing users with several benefits not only in their personal life but also in terms of business and otherwise. Most of the business men are not yet familiar to the term business text messaging, but this term alone can make a difference to your business. 

Business text messaging service makes the job easier with its easy and cheap access and reach to the mass. Text messages are not only used to inform someone about your location or to forward an address, but can also be utilized to promote a business.

At the moment, businesses are receiving a lot from this new marketing approach. With business text messaging, everything becomes competent because one can order from your suppliers anytime and anyplace.

· One can send instant text messages from the mobile phone anytime to the concerned persons, be it a client or a supplier, demanding his requirements and asking for feedback.

· In case someone’s out of town and cannot meet a client, he or she can always inform the person through the text messaging service.

· Once you come to know the nitty-gritty of your phone you can check the sales performance and other business details from your phone itself.

· The same mobile phone which is always at the grip of your hand can be used as a marketing tool to develop your business.

· You can reach new and prospective customers via business text messaging service once you send them the details of your business and open up orders through text messaging services.

· Once a transaction has been made, it is the duty of the organization to look for feedback. In this scenario, you can always contact the interested person through a text message asking for feedback.

· One may also wish to develop a level of interest in the minds of prospective customers or even existing customers. So, you may shoot text messages carrying information worth advertising to the target audience.

· Business text messaging also helps to spread the word; people often tend to forward text massages to one another. If an informative message has been forwarded that way, form one of your clients to another, the whole procedure of spreading awareness about your service or product gets cheaper.

· There are websites that offer free text messaging services in the country and also worldwide. Using them will definitely make your work easier. But in that case you may also face a setback, since there are many people who have applied DND services to their phone numbers, which incidentally turn your message into spam! 

With the growing market of smart phones and multiple operating software it is time that you take a step forward in joining the trend of technology to extend your business. And text messaging services can be of great help for you in regard to boost up your business.

Being A Creator In The Tech World

Every innovator wishes they could emulate the success of Microsoft founder Bill Gates or of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. They are fabulously wealthy and their innovations have changed how the world interacts and does business. 

Technology has benefited man kind in so many ways.
1. Faster and more reliable communication.
2. Easy access to information.
3. Greater strides in detection and treatment of disease
4. Better quality of life
5. Increased ease and speed of transport 
Every creator can be an innovator. You are an innovator if you see these qualities in yourself.
1. You are passionate about your work and work hours don’t limit you.
2. You are persistent and purpose driven. 
3. You always find yourself in leadership roles. You guide your team mates in the right direction.
4. You are not afraid to take risks and to change the status quo.
5. You enjoy competition and accept feedback from others. 
6. You are flexible and willing to try things in a different way.
7. You are not afraid to fail. 
8. You are a hard worker
9. You have a large network of people from different walks of life.
Now that you know you are an innovator, get started on fulfilling your dream.

1. Study about your area of interest. It will help you get a clear picture of where you want to go. Formal education is encouraged where possible.

2. Intern with people in this field. It may not be easy to work for no pay but the experience you gain will be of more value than any amount of money. Take this time to ask questions an listen to the answers keenly.

3. Custom make your innovation to suit the gap you see in the market. It may take several attempts but you will get it done eventually.
4. Get a patent. Many innovators have lost valuable projects because they did not protect themselves. A lawyer should be able to assist with this.

5. Take time shopping for the right investor. If the deal is too good think twice. Do not sign anything until you are absolutely sure of its content.

6. Hire a team of experts for the things that give you a hard time. Build a team because you cannot do everything by yourself. Your network will come in well here. If there are no experts to suit a certain part of your organization, train one and custom make him or her.

7. Carry out a pilot study. A small group of opinionated people will be the best judges of your work. Avoid friends and family for this because their opinions may be biased. Listen to your customers objectively and make changes only if they add value.
8. Engage a brand developer. Most of the best selling products in the world were driven by branding. The story behind your product will sell more. People remember a story more than an idea.

9. Finally, if it does not work, move on to another idea. You will know it is time to move on from deep within your gut. Always follow your instincts.Learn from your mistakes and do not be afraid to start over.